WHM/cPanel Management

Cpanel Server Management is best suited for cPanel based shared, dedicated or virtual private servers. This plan provides unlimited admin support with real time 24x7 support team to assist you, let your servers be CentOS.

Free service

Using our Dedicated and Vps Servers

Using your own external server...


Application Server Management

Application server management plan is designed for those users who have custom control panel like webmin or servers without control panel, Let it be Windows/Linux hosting, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD or Application Server. Our experienced system administrators are available 24 hours to assist you. This plan is similar to Linux server management plan.


Linux Hourly Administration

If you are not looking for monthly management subscription and just wanted one time service for fixing Linux server problems, Hourly support package is best suited for you. This linux server management plan is designed for clients who are basically looking for fixing critical service failures, Kernel panics, installation and configuration related work, Or finding out Hackers, Spammers, Abuse related issues or resource Intensive Users. Hourly Consultation is with a one hour minimum time.